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Featured Art 
Featured Photo in the salon at the Iowa State Fair 2017
Naughti Gras 16 February 2023
Broken Hearts Exhibit at Soulard Art Gallery Jan/Feb 2024
Non Boudoir Accolades
​​​​​​​Shutterfest 2018-Best Use of Composition 2nd Place
Shutter Magazine April 2020
Shutter Magazine September 2020
Here's what others are saying:
"Your photos are Captivating, Evocative, and Beautiful Beyond Imagination!!"
"You are amazing with color…. It’s a unique aesthetic and very pleasing."
"Sherri, your vision and expertise behind the lens truly captured the essence of the moment. From the impeccable lighting to the perfect angles, every shot felt like a masterpiece in the making. Your dedication to your craft is evident in every frame, and I am grateful to have been a part of it."
"The most comfortable boudoir shoot I’ve done yet."
"Such amazing work Sherri!"
"You and your hubby are the best boudoir photographers out there. No one else even comes close."
"You really have a gift for this. Your work is stunning. I'm so glad I got an opportunity to work with you"
"OMG, your work is amazing.  Timeless, elegant, edgy, crisp."
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