Hi! My name is Sherri Hulse. I am glad you stopped by and hope you like what you see. 
I have always loved photography and finding ways to show others what I see in the world. It started with clouds in Colorado as a child, progressed to nature and wildlife in Iowa as well as sideline photographer for a semi pro football team.

Then I discovered Intimate and Boudoir Photography.  To me, Intimate and Boudoir Photography is showcasing the human form with an emphasis on capturing an expression of sensuality, whether subtle or overt, and a sense of intimacy involving intimate apparel, various stages of undress, implied, or full nudity.

I am happy when I am searching out the best way to showcase a body. I love the beauty and sensuality of a great photo; I am excited to share that with my clients.  I want to show you your inner beauty; it is there just waiting to be captured. 

I am mom to Emilie who is grown and living her best life in DC, and wife to Bill. Together we have 3 cats and a quiet life in OFallon, MO. I am an introverted extrovert which means I am quiet and reserved until I know someone better; then I am sarcastic, not as quiet, and ready to have fun.

Let me know how I can help you

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